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Media players comes in many forms from do-it-all programs that pack a multitude of features to programs that are designed to only do very specific tasks.

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Sometimes it feels like you can't go through a day without seeing another media file format being released. Keep tabs on new developments here.

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Track the latest news on media players with updates on new releases and developments.

Bitrate Calculator: A FREE, easy way to calculate media file sizes before conversion.

  • 5 Steps to Get Started:

  • 1. Enter duration of media file
  • 2. Set framerate and aspect ratio
  • 3. Select the bitrate of audio tracks

  • 4. Set final file size
  • 5. Using this information, the calculator will display the ideal bitrate to use


12/5/2012: TheMediaPlayer.org is recognized as innovative media website and awarded angel financing from Ace Capital.